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"I wanted to share with you my experience with Record It Cards and congratulate you on creating an idea that can help change the lives of millions ...

I was traveling and had an idea to send my wife a personal card, and knowing of Record It Cards, I thought I would give it a try... From start to finish, the step by step instructions made it so easy, fun, and fast, creating the video card I sent her... I love the quality of the video and audio, and if there was something I wanted to change during the process, it was easy to go back... But most important was when my wife received the card, she was so moved by my words coupled with Record It Cards inspiration, delivering my message while she was looking and listening to me, it was as if I was there in front of her...

Through this experience, I now came to realize that I can share these cards with my clients as well, being in the transformational business how awesome is it to be able to put my words in videos to share with my clients the celebration of life...

Gary, I love your mission, your vision and I see your heart in your creation of Record It Cards, so thank you for sharing your heart with mine, in a way that allowed me to express myself in an even more amazing way..."

Blessings Brother,

Paul M Sokolski
Founder of the Breakthrough Attraction Academy


"I love Record It Cards! I use them to keep in touch with my clients in an unusual and fun way! I like the flexibility of creating different themes, adding great music and then deciding if I want to show them a video or just give them a great audio greeting.

I'm looking forward to using them to greet my virtual-only clients and help them feel connected to me without having to use my personal time. Very inventive and special way to connect with my clients!"

~Cynthia Stott, Speaker Mentor


"RecordItCards.com is a great way to personalize your message – whether for personal or business – in a powerful and unique way. It’s simple, fun, and memorable to your recipient. I recommend it for any entrepreneur, professional, or salesperson who really wants to stand out."

Craig Valine, Pasadena CA


"This is an awesome tool that I look forward to utilizing as soon as possible."

Charles W.
DUB Enterprises


"I've never received anything like that. I'll definitely be trying it out myself."

Sean Belisle
Telworx Inc.


"OMG! I watched it this morning and I loved it! Super easy! And Super Clear!"

Capri Wickersham
C9 Baloons


"RecordItCards.com is brilliant! The site is extremely easy to use and it’s fun for anyone. A young child can create a card just as easily as a person who’s mature in years but not necessarily that computer-friendly. RecordItCards.com provides an unparalleled value that no other e-card ever has: the human element."

Raymond Guarini, Jr.
Senior Vice President
Meyers Associates LP
Investment Bankers
45 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York NY 10006