About Us

Ryan Amaradio and Gary Howarth are cofounders of Record It Cards. The idea started at a family function where they were just sharing what was going on with each other and were throwing ideas around. From that initial conversation over lunch, one idea took on a life of its own and transformed into Record It Cards. Each of them had different motivations to make this project a reality. Gary is an entrepreneur and is always looking for a good innovative idea. Ryan loves music and is a seasoned song writer in the music industry.  So when they came together and they started talking, it all clicked.

They asked the question, "What if there was a way to send a greeting card to someone in a way that was so fun and unique, that they would keep coming back for more? A card that you can personalize just for them in your own words and guarantee a huge smile on their face they when receive your card."  With many brainstorming sessions and trips to the coffee house, RecordItCards.com became a reality.

Ryan has been in the music industry for more than 13 years and has over 20 years of musical experience.  His musical skills include electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, clarinet, saxophone, bass guitar, and drums. He is a prolific songwriter and a seasoned musician/performer. Ryan has been featured on the Vans Warped Tour, Los Angeles’ hit music station, Star 98.7, and worked with many artists in the professional music industry. His expertise is in the vision, productions, performance, songwriting, recording engineering and mixing of artist development and music.

Gary’s background is very different. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. Most of his career has been in technical sales to the aerospace, gas turbine, magnetic media and semiconductor industries. When he was young he studied the piano for 8 years, so he has a love of music. Gary has started several different businesses, but Record It Cards has special meaning for him. A couple years ago his wife passed away. During her illness she received many greeting cards. Though she appreciated them all, those that really touched her heart were the ones that had the extra personal touch.  Record it Cards is a way to share that same deep feeling with others that she felt when she received cards with a personal message and photos of good times.

Through Record It Cards,  Ryan and Gary have created a tool for you to create that same personal touch and to use to make a difference in someone’s life!  PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL.