What is Record It Cards?

Record It Cards is a recordable video or audio greeting card where YOU are the card.  Now you can stand out from the crowd and send something totally unique that people will remember.  It is awesomely simple and fun. Start making memories today!

Choose Music

Choose from different styles of music to fit your message.


Record your own voice with any device with a built in mic and webcam.


Connect better by sharing your cards through Facebook, Twitter & Email.


How People Are Using Record It Cards

Members are using Record It Cards in endless ways by sending personalized greetings.  Whether keeping in touch on any special holiday or ocassion, expressing your thoughts while holding up signs, telling customers and prospects about new offerings, reminders of appointments, or just keeping in touch.  See some examples below on how you can have fun using Record It Cards.


Everything you need to make the perfect video and audio card.

Create Anywhere

Whether you are at home, at the beach, visiting with friends, or waiting in line you can use your smart phone or tablet to send a Record It Cards audio or video greeting to Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Unlimited Downloads

With a monthly Record It Cards membership you and recipents will receive unlimited downloads of your audio and video recordings for FREE. Great for memories keepsake,personal mixes and more. People will never forget how you make them feel.

Customize Cards

Record It Cards are the most customizable cards on the market. You now can create unique video messages along with selecting custom wallpapers,  music, photos, fonts and messages just the way you like. I am out of breath just listing all the stuff you can do!

Grow Your Business

Record It Cards is a great way to help you grow your business. Each audio or video card can be tailored to any specific event, holiday, sale or everyday client interaction. Strengthen your relationships, be remembered and stand out from the crowd by making a positive and fun impression.